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Tips For Attaining Health And Fitness In Men

Many people take fitness to mean a great figure. On the contrary, fitness is the state of being healthy. It is important that we have healthy bodies so that we can be in a position to take care of other essential aspects of our lives. Fitness can be obtained by taking healthy foods, proper exercise and having enough sleep. These factors are important and failing to balance them fitness may be hard to achieve.

Although the definition of fitness for men will vary from one individual to another, the basics will include increased strength, greater immunity and endurance, increased flexibility, better structural composition and more muscles. Muscles are essential for burning more calories, increasing metabolism, improving strength and
enhancing your looks, unlike fats. Below are tips to help you achieve that physique that you have always looked forward to. Visit for more inforation.

The exercises should consist of cardio workouts and weight training. Cardio training is important for burning calories while on the other hand weight training is important for toning specific parts of the body and muscle building. The number of repetitions done in weight training depends on the exercise being done and the reason it is being done. The effectiveness and repetitions are also affected by the metabolism of the person, genetics, age, nutrition, and physical condition just to mention a few. Lifting weights bring stress to the body, and the body tries to counter this pressure by developing muscles.

The repetitions t be done been a debatable topic for long. The low ones range from one to five, and they bring about neurological change rather than the real growth of muscles. The medium repetitions range from 6-12 which have more cellular and metabolic rather than neurological. The higher repetition increases the local endurance, and there is little increase in strength and size o the muscles. Finally, after a continuous period of weight gain, a point of no change is reached. At this time you should try different procedures, increase or decrease the number of repetitions and try different pot weights. Check out home page to see more.

It is advised that athletes or for persons looking for an increase in strength and speed should train in one to five repetition range while those seeking to gain muscle mass should mostly work in the 6-12 range.

Despite all these, it always depends on the person as to how much he can endure. Every man is different and so is their body. Determination and commitment are also crucial to achieving the best results. Visit for more information.
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